The Client Experience

Health insurance and Medicare help

The Client Experience

Health insurance and Medicare help

Help with all types of health coverage

Workplace plans

Continued group coverage

Individual marketplace plans

Off-exchange individual plans

Short-term health plans


How it works

1) One of our partners refers you to us (we are not available to the general public)
2) One of our licensed, non-commissioned advisors helps you analyze your options
3) We can provide assistance with enrolling and as questions come up about your plan in the future
4) Our partners receive reporting related to the individuals/families who they refer to us

Since 2010, our team has helped over 20,000 individuals and families.
Here's what they're saying:

“I want to thank you for your excellent service, care, and especially patience with me for my Social Security enrollment. Healthcare is a devil of complexity when it comes to the finances. You have been patient, professional and knowledgeable every step of the way. I could not ask for more.” – Doug, Nashville

“The Bernard advisor is an angel - more helpful than you can imagine. She sent us information that was thorough and informative. Thank you so much for putting us in touch with her. Saved us a lot of headaches – but I think we may have given them all to her!“ – Jeanette, Colorado

“This will probably be the best insurance that I have ever had. It has been a most welcome and helpful experience from start to finish. I am extremely grateful to Bernard Healthcare Financial Planning for taking a very stressful, time-consuming decision and educating me in a most organized and efficient manner.” – Delores

Bernard Healthcare Financial Planning services:

Advice and help enrolling in medical coverage

Doctor / provider network review

Advice and help enrolling in drug coverage

Medical bill review and auditing

Advice and help enrolling in dental/vision

Year-round advocacy on healthcare questions

Advice and help opening health savings accounts

Organization of all the information on an ongoing basis (doctor list, RX list, insurance benefits and effective dates)

Advice and help enrolling in international travel health insurance


Bernard Healthcare Financial Planning is committed to providing our partners with healthcare advice and support for their clients as they navigate the complexities of health insurance and Medicare.


Examples of topics we speak to:

What Does Joe Namath Have to Do with Healthcare?

  • Master the business model for Medicare Advantage
  • Learn how to stay informed and work more effectively within the healthcare system

Hospital Bills Have You Confused? This Webinar Will Help.

  • Learn what steps you should take when you receive a medical bill
  • Gain a better understanding of the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) you get from your insurance company 
  • Learn the tactics needed to deal with healthcare concerns

Selling Your Business? How to Handle Health Insurance.

  • Learn how to navigate the stress of selling your business
  • Learn how to avoid common mental traps and mistakes
  • Learn how nongroup health insurance operates and watch your confidence soar 

Prescription Drugs and Medicare: How to Add Value and Reduce Hassle.

  • Learn how to lower costs by taking advantage of industry innovators 
  • Understand where prescriptions come into play when discussing the dynamic between physicians and insurance companies
  • Learn the underlying meanings of “not covered” and “step therapy required”

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